More than one in ten Brits have never changed their hair do, study finds

More than one in 10 adults have never changed their hair do – with a fifth keeping the same style for more than a decade at a time, a survey has found. The study, of 2,000 women and 1,000 men, found 20 percent stick with the same look because they are too worried about a hair disaster, while 12 percent don’t know how to style their tresses – and almost one in 10 (eight percent) have “bad hair day” fear.

It also emerged 26 percent consider their hair a part of their identity, and 15 percent use it as a way of expressing themselves.

As a result, 41 percent feel self-conscious when having a bad hair day – with 19 percent claiming it can lower their mood and impact their day.

And one in 10 become hypersensitive towards criticism, with six percent even cancelling plans when they aren’t happy with how their hair looks.

The research was commissioned by Shark Beauty, which launched a Hair-itage Salon and Hair-story Gallery in London – a pop-up space celebrating the role hair has played in shaping culture throughout the years.

Lana Sanleandro, of SharkNinja EMEA, which is expanding its haircare range, said: “Hair is so versatile, but such an important element to us feeling self-confident.

“Our hair can give us the opportunity to totally reinvent who we are – but it should feel like care, and not a chore.”

The study also found 69 percent feel their hair has an impact on their mood, with 35 percent claiming their hair boosts their confidence, and three in ten viewing hairstyling as a form of self-care.

As a result, a quarter have undergone a hair alteration to help give themselves a boost after going through a tough period. Break-ups, becoming a parent, and following TikTok trends, are also among the reasons adults have shaken up their style.

The research, carried out via OnePoll, also found 28 percent like to experiment with their hair – and, when the time has come for a change in appearance, 29 percent will act on impulse.

Among the most popular hair transformations including cutting hair dramatically shorter (63 percent), and opting for “unnatural” colours (27 percent).

It also emerged 11 percent of those who have altered their look over the years, have never kept the same hairstyle for longer than three months.

And the top things they’ve learnt about their hair include that social media sets unrealistic standards, (17 percent), they don’t always need the help of a professional to get a good cut (12 percent), and that successful styling is the most important part of a do (13 percent).

Lana Sanleandro, for Shark Beauty, which has launched SmoothStyle and SpeedStyle, added: “Maintaining a look can be fun, and the chance to experiment with what works and what doesn’t for minimal effort.

“Our newly-launched tools empower people to experiment with hair within the comfort of their home – and their own boundaries.”

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