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HARDLY a day goes by without someone raving about Zara’s must-have fashion items for the season.  

But what about the things that don’t quite cut it? One stylist who regularly shops there has now shared her ‘icks’ and the items she’d avoid at all costs. 

Kenzie, who works as a stylist and specialises in finding your style and minimising your wardrobe, uploaded a video titled ‘clothes in Zara that give me the ick.’

She then walked around the shop floor, as she pointed out a few items that, in her opinion, are best left on the rail. 

Kenzie, aka @stylingwithkenzie, began by honing in on an electric blue jumper with small holes in the material.

The fashionista revealed she was not a fan of the piece– or the fact it had a price tag of $50, which is approximately £40.

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Up next, Kenzie picked out a grey cardigan that had a layer of sheer material sewn on top.

She described it as having “weird design features that literally make no sense”.

Another of Kenzie’s pet peeves were clothes that came without a good lining – including a dressy cream dress.

As she stretched out the material to show what she meant, Kenzie explained: “It’s hard to see on the phone but you can literally see my entire hand through this.”

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She said she also had issues with jackets that came without a lining as “these will not keep you warm.”

She then gave another word of warning for garments that look “super wrinkled on the rack.”

Kenzie continued: “It’s going to look even worse when you start to sit down and actually live in this garment.”

Next on her style hit list were any tops or shirts that had “super thin buttons that feel paper thin”, as she said: “These cannot support big boobies.”


But her biggest annoyance in the store that day appeared to be a pair of cream smart casual trousers.

Kenzie labelled them as “the thinnest trousers on planet earth”, as she told her 507k followers the main reason she wasn’t a fan.

She explained: “I’m not kidding. If you have cellulite and you don’t want to wear an undergarment, you will be able to see it in these trousers.”

She also slammed the trend of denim shirts with jewels, boots that will be out next season and fabric that looks like it’s cracked. 

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And Kenzie, who is based in the US, lastly took aim at a spray painted look hoodie that didn’t tick her boxes.

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