Mystic Meg answers YOUR questions in a whole new way – and it will change how you read your horoscopes forever | The Sun

THE stars have aligned in your favour with a super quick and easy way to see what your future holds – all thanks to our new Mystic Meg chatbot.

You simply type out your question below and Mystic Meg will give you the answer.

With advice on everything from love life to work, family and friends, it’s little wonder we’re a nation obsessed with astrology, whether you’re looking for a daily forecast or the latest insights into planetary alignments influencing your day-to-day life.

Try it – ask Mystic Meg a question!

Let us know your thoughts about our Mystic Meg bot.

Our Mystic Meg chatbot is built on AI-powered creativity tools. While the questions you ask won’t be used to make decisions about what advertising or marketing to show you, they may be used to improve Mystic Meg’s responses.

As such, please do not disclose confidential or private information in your interactions with the bot. For more information about how we use personal information, please visit our privacy policy [].

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