People get so angry when they see me with my hot husband – I get it though, I thought I didn’t deserve him either | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed she finally "gets" why people get so angry when they see her with her hot husband.

Alicia and hubby Scott have been together since they were in high school, and had their first kiss aged 16.

They married in 2016, and are happier than ever.

But since they started sharing their relationship on social media, the couple have been faced with cruel messages from trolls asking why they're together.

Alicia responded in a video on TikTok, as she showed her man standing by a wall in his cowboy hat.

"Now sometimes I wonder why people get so upset when they see you with me," she began.

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"Like, I wonder why that bothers them so much.

"And then you're over there looking like this right now, and then here I am…"

She then turned the camera on herself.

"And I get it – that would p*ss me off too," she laughed.

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"That would piss me right off, cause I have no business sir.

"I got a good personality and a really nice…" the video then cut off, leaving viewers to make their own assumptions.

The comments section was quickly filled with people reassuring Alicia, with one writing: "Yes, your hubby is fiiiine but girl you are absolutely gorgeous and I love your energy and confidence."

"He is the handsomest but babygirl you deserve alllll of him," another added.

"Stop it right now!" a third insisted.

"You're beautiful, he's lucky to have you".

Alicia also admitted in another video that she sometimes feels as though she doesn't "deserve" Scott.

"When you finally started saying 'yes' to the things people told you you didn't deserve – and now you're living your dreams," she wrote over a video of the two of them dancing while watching fireworks.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "Others' opinions don’t matter. Live your life and love every moment with your hubby."

"The way he looks at you," another added.

"You can see the love!"

"I used to think my hubby deserved better but now I know I deserve him," a third wrote.

As someone else praised: "You both are absolutely so perfect together".



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"I absolutely love your strength isn’t it so sad in society this is even a problem," another added.

"You are a beautiful woman, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."

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