B&M shoppers divided over ‘game changing’ new Cadbury bar only previously available in Australia as it lands on shelves | The Sun

CHOCOLATE fans are buzzing after spotting a unique treat from across the seas has finally hit shelves in the UK.

The Cadbury Caramilk Slices Hedgehog Bar was previously only available in Australia but now they have reached British shores.

The new flavour is described as: “Caramelised white chocolate, almond pieces, toasted coconut and rice crisps.”

The bars are selling in B&M for £2.99 per 165g.  

The new bar was shared in both the Newfoodsuk group and Food Finds UK official group on Facebook.

One finder said: “New Cadbury Caramilk Slices Hedgehog Bar!! Caramilk chocolate with almond, coconut and rice crisps – yes please!!"

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One user said: “This sounds gorgeous.”

“This could be a game changer,” said another. 

A third user proclaimed: “SHUT UP, I need this NOW!”

However, some users indicated they would not be searching out the new flavour because of one ingredient.

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One user said: “Sounded delightful till I seen coconut.”

Another said: “Not for me! coconut.”

If you wanted to buy the new bar anywhere else you’d have to turn to an Australian importer such as CandyMail or Sanza.

You can expect one of these bars to set you back at least £4.75 without shipping.

It seems the Aussies have taken to the bar a lot quicker than us Brits when it was released in July the bars were flying off the shelves in Australia.

The new launch has joined Cadbury's "Slices" range which first launched in May and the delicious bars have been flying off the shelves for months.

Other decadent Slices flavours include Vanilla Passionfruit, Crackle, Hedgehog and Mine Crème.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Slices Vanilla Passionfruit bars hit shelves in the UK last month. 

The bar is inspired by the beloved passion fruit slice you'd see in most Australian bakeries.

The Caramilk bar was dubbed the closest available dupe to the recently discontinued Caramac bar in our recent taste test.

The chocolatiers have been wowing fans with a range of new chocolate releases in past months.

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