‘Britain’s glammest lorry driver’ defies body shaming troll with savage comeback

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    Britain’s most glamorous lorry driver slammed a body shaming troll for getting his facts wrong.

    Nicolle, who goes by ‘Trucker Baddie’ online, shared a video wearing a crop top and black leather pants while changing cords on her new £40,000 truck.

    This was after she started her own haulage firm from scratch after making a fortune flogging sexy pictures by capitalising on a niche of being a female lorry lover.

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    And she hit back at one disparaging bloke who claimed she had a “spotty back” and that it was a “f***ing joke” that she was only able to afford her truck because of her TikTok page.

    Rather than ignore it, Nicolle, 29, then made a video in response where she said: “Awh we have got the angry man Darren… wow.

    “Actually it was not TikTok that brought the truck, it was the um, this (points at OnlyFans jumper) bought the truck, so get your facts right before you come blazing in with that anger. And by the way, it’s not a spotty back, they are actually moles, they’re just moles, can’t be helped.”

    One fan replied: “Christ you don’t half get some jealous people on this world. Keep smashing it and make them more jealous.” A second went with: “Little man sad that a gorgeous female can do the job better than he can.”

    Another comment read: ”Jealous of the fact you brought a truck, such a sad man with nothing better to do.” And a fourth comment went with: “How sad are people, jealously is such an ugly trait, can tell he’s never seen a woman naked before.”

    But the drama didn’t end there because Darren then replied to Nicolle, who served in the army for seven years before her boyfriend encouraged her to be a HGV driver, to say she was “embarrassing”.

    And posting another video to her 191,000 followers, she sarcastically said: “Babe I tell you what is embarrassing though, is how much of a fan you must be of me and my page because all these comments that you are posting it means so much to me.

    "You are boosting my engagement, you are keeping the views up there, so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Love you loads and thank you for being a huge fan.”

    Nicolle, who joined the army at 16, has frequently faced misogyny for working in a male dominated field but in recent weeks she defied her critics by becoming her own boss.

    She launched TruckClass Haulage alongside her boyfriend Ben after using money earned on OnlyFans to make their dream career come true.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star afterwards, she described being shocked that she now manages her own company and said it inspired her to encourage other women to follow their passions.

    She added: “Women can do it and you don’t have to worry about the stigma and what men think of it because I always get comments and you just have to brush them off and it can be done. I really am proud of it. The day we actually picked up the lorry we were both just sat in the truck in disbelief like ‘oh my god this is ours’.”

    Ben and Nicolle, who live in Rutland, take it in turns bringing the lorry out on jobs every week. And when she isn’t on the road, she continues to make money from saucy selfies, but she wanted to establish herself in the haulage industry long-term because she sees her OnlyFans as having an expiry date.

    And Ben, 33, also spoke to us about how proud he was of the business after previously grafting up to 15 hour days while barely getting to see his girlfriend.

    He said: “I try and keep myself grounded and remind myself that it was only a year and a half, two years ago when I was working flat out for somebody else and to be fair I am working flat out now but it is for myself.

    “It is different when you do it for yourself because if I wanna go gym, I will just go gym. It is nice, you have to be disciplined though because if you don't keep on top of things, things don’t happen.”

    Ben added: “But this definitely wouldn’t have been possible without OnlyFans. I have always looked at people who have done it and I just never envisaged us doing it ourselves because I thought we’d never be able to afford it. We just love the haulage industry and that is our passion so it would be daft for us not to carry on with that.”

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