Fans reveal how Jacob Elordi channels Princess Diana's iconic style

Jacob Elordi fans brand Saltburn star the ‘male embodiment’ of PRINCESS DIANA – as they point out uncanny similarities between his outfits and those worn by the late royal

  • Fans of the 26-year-old Australian actor noticed his iconic style inspiration
  • The Saltburn star’s casual street style appears to pay homage to late royal
  • Princess Diana’s street-style looks have grown in popularity over the years

With her effortless street style and elegant looks for all occasions, Princess Diana was not only the people’s princess but also an eternal style icon — and it seems Jacob Elordi has taken notice.

The 26-year-old Australian actor has been declared the male embodiment of the late royal, with eagle-eyed fans applauding his style and pointing out it is reminiscent of the late Princess of Wales.

Although Princess Di, who died aged 36 in 1997, wowed fashion critics worldwide with her beautiful gowns, she was also famous for her simple-yet-chic street style.

Diana’s casual outfits became synonymous with her, with one of her most iconic and recognized looks becoming an oversized crewneck, biker shorts, long socks, and white sneakers — often with a designer bag in tow.

With her effortless street style and elegant looks for all occasions, Princess Diana (right) was not only the people’s princess but also a style icon — and Jacob Elordi (left) has taken notice

The Priscilla actor often has a  designer bag to accompany his casual Princess Di-inspired street style. Pictured left is Elordi in March of this year and right is Diana in 1995 

It appears Elordi has taken cues from the people’s princess and has been snapped regularly rocking a chic but casual outfit, along with a stylish tote slung over his arm.

And eagle-eyed fans are loving the Saltburn star’s apparent homage to the princess.

‘Jacob Elordi is the Princess Diana of our generation,’ one user quipped.

‘Jacob Elordi wishes he were princess diana so bad,’ another agreed.

Some thought the Kissing Booth alum even shared some physical characteristics to Di.  

‘If jacob elordi bleached his hair he would be princess diana,’ an observant user suggested.

‘The chanel bag too,’ an follower exclaimed. ‘Jacob elordi is kinda my princess diana idk.’

Some of his Diana-adjacent looks go back as far as 2020, where the Hollywood star’s fashionable roots were first noticed.

According to fans, the star’s casual street style is an apparent homage to the princess. He’s pictured left with then girlfriend Kaia Gerber in 2020, Diana is pictured right in 1994 

He’s been lauded the ‘Princess Diana of our generation’ by some social media users

From suits to sweats, Elordi seems to be channeling the royal with his stylish outfits, including this gray suit (left). Diana wore a similarly hued skirt suit in 1989 (right)

‘Jacob Elordi is the male embodiment of Princess Diana’s fashion,’ one fan declared. He’s pictured left wearing a navy blazer with white trim accents, similar to Diana’s 1995 look (right)

‘Who is jacob elordi’s style icon and why does it seem to be princess diana,’ a fashion fan questioned. 

‘Jacob Elordi is the male embodiment of Princess Diana’s fashion and that’s why he’s unmatched,’ another fan’s reaction read.

While some think the resemblance to the late royal is seen more in his fashion takes, others are convinced Elordi leaned on Diana for a different sort of inspiration for his turn as Felix in Saltburn.

‘I feel crazy saying this, but Jacob Elordi was giving serious Princess Diana vibes in his performance,’ a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote.

Fans have been drawing a comparison between the Hollywood actor and the late Princess of Wales online

‘Like Diana, Felix knew the power of his image and how to use it to get what he wants, while still having genuine empathy that was easy to exploit. It was very intriguing.’

Others simply admitted they were envious of the actor’s effortless ability to channel the people’s princess.

‘I think my ultimate goal in life is to be as princess diana coded that jacob elordi is ,’ the fan wrote.

‘Jacob Elordi is princess Diana reincarnated and you can’t convince me otherwise,’ another agreed.

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