Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, October 13


You are all for new daily routines especially if recently you’ve been stuck in a rut. It really doesn’t matter if anyone happens to be against what you are doing, you aren’t afraid to defy the status quo. You need something new to get your teeth into and it won’t take long for you to find it.


An announcement made by your boss will generate some conflict. A colleague will decide to hand in their notice and this will mean even more changes ahead. You respect someone for having had to make a difficult choice and you now need to adjust your own plans around this.


Once those who recently objected to your plans see the success of your current efforts they might want to know more. You can persuade others who have been slow to agree to change, to try out new ideas through the enthusiastic way you describe new options and possibilities.


Due to plans being postponed, you have a chance to rethink your involvement in some areas. A new course or activity may not feel right for you. You will be able to sleep far more easily at night if you pull out of these arrangements while you can. Don’t stay where you aren’t happy.


Joint finances could be an issue that causes you to quarrel with your partner. You feel guilty about having neglected some responsibilities. This was never intentional and you fully intend to make this up to others today. You are determined to get on top of a backlog of chores.


In addition to relying on your instincts you will be looking at all the facts. You sense someone is putting on an act to get you to agree to something they want. They might be desperate for you to go along with their suggestions but you need to consider your own needs too.


The more forward looking you are, the more you are likely to see the potential of opportunities now being offered. It is going to take some time, but an unexpected opening could pave the way for a rewarding future. You are about to be given a special challenge.


There will be moments when some things will seem to change almost by the second. A scramble to cope with sudden happenings will ensure future problems are avoided. You will get to tie up loose-ends of the past and instigate new plans which make the future look brighter.


A holiday now being arranged will be all the more fun as part of a group rather than a partnership as first intended. Competitive events will go well. A young colleague will successfully handle responsibilities that should never have been left for them to do.

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Rewards will be substantial if you are willing to put in the work. Someone in charge should be encouraged to acknowledge everyone’s hardworking efforts. A new study or training program could be just what’s needed to add interest to your life.


Someone in the family will find themselves at the centre of a bizarre incident. Your reaction will be strong. Even so, you should resist expressing your feelings on social networking sites. Share your concerns instead, in private conversations.


You’re determined to make progress and yet you realise now you have been misguided in some strange way. Advice you had been relying on will not have been as reliable as you thought. You may never get to find out why someone has been misleading you.

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