‘I became cam girl after giving birth – men say I’m better than their wives’

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    A single mum who started webcamming three months after giving birth revealed what horny blokes request the most.

    Angel Delights began stripping off in her bedroom out of desperation after losing her job just before she was due to go on maternity leave.

    But the decision to earn money from inside her one-bed council flat has already proved financially prudent.

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    And here the Essex babe, 35, spoke about the things her new clients have asked for.

    She said: “I'm currently full of milk and it turns out that so many guys absolutely love that. They love to see me squirt my milk over the camera for them.

    “They also like to call me step-mummy in role-play sessions, and I call them my naughty little stepson.

    “I also had a request the other day from a guy who told me to pretend I was having sex with him, telling him over and over how much sexier I was than his wife.

    “After only giving birth three months ago, I can't deny that receiving all these compliments every night feels amazing.”

    In part one of our exclusive interview with Angel, she spoke about how nervous she was about her racy new venture.

    She had to down two strong rums before her first session to give her the courage to get naked on camera so soon after having a baby.

    But she is now pocketing more cash in a week than she did as a personal assistant – despite working less hours.

    Her baby was at the forefront of her decision and she said she can already put funds away for Christmas and for trips abroad with her tot next year.

    She told us: “I am thinking of taking my daughter on holiday next year and I just spent £23 on nappes from Amazon because the brand is nice.

    “I can do that now and if she needs something I can just do it without having to think twice.

    “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not living a luxury lifestyle but I am not so stressed about what the future holds for her.

    “When I was pregnant at Christmas I didn’t know what I was going to do next year for Christmas and how I was going to afford it and that was while working.

    “But now I don’t have to worry about Christmas, I am not going to go stupid but I can get what she wants.”

    And rather than feel shame about how she is now making an income, the first-time mum feels empowered by it.

    She said flaunting herself on the screen has made her love her body more and has boosted her confidence.

    Angel added: “A woman’s body is amazing, they can bring a baby into the world and that is why I wasn’t stressed about going on a stupid diet or to lose weight.

    “I have my body because I have my baby which is the most important thing in the world to me. But having people pay money to see it, that’s a real confidence boost.

    “From doing the camming and having my daughter it has given me the confidence to not put up with what men have put me through in the past.”

    Angel works four nights a week for three or four hours while her own supportive mum looks after her daughter in the living room.

    And she is now dreaming of one day of moving her little girl to a bigger home with a garden and to give her an upbringing she didn’t believe possible just a few weeks ago.

    Were you pushed into sex work because of a change of circumstances or the cost of living crisis? If so, contact[email protected]

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