‘I’ve had 400 marriage proposals but am not fussed – I’m 7 years celibate at 55’

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    A 55-year-old single mum has received more than 400 marriage proposals – but isn't interested in any of them.

    Fran Sawyer, who resides in Basingstoke, is unlucky in love despite being eager to find her Mr.Right. The mum-of-two has been on the search to find someone she can welcome into her life where they will accept her for who she is, for her brains and beauty.

    But, the ex-model and global inventor has had a very hard time tracking any compatible suitors down. After going on numerous dates and being pursued on social media by young lads trying to push their luck, Fran revealed that she's had hundreds of proposals in the recent weeks through her DMs.

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    Fran – who has been married before – previously told us that she's seen as a 'cougar' and only 18-21 year-old lads are interested in her due to them fantasising about being with an older women.

    Since her pleas to find love went viral, she's been inundated with men who are willing to tie the knot with the mum. But, the romantic gestures soon turned rotten.

    "I’ve had about 400 offers of marriage and they’re around my age so it’s quite nice that they’re between 48-50," Fran revealed to us in an exclusive interview.

    "But then they get seedy, so I don’t think they know how to talk to women on social media. They wouldn’t be talking to me like that out, it’s a funny ole world social media.

    "It has definitely killed true love and the respect for each other, people think they can say what they like."

    As the grand gestures soon turned seedy, Fran then started to receive some awful comments for rejecting the countless of marriage offers. Throughout her life, the mum has had to develop a thick skin after navigating a broken marriage, the ill-health of her son, along with her own health scare when she had a stroke some years ago.

    But through turbulent times, Fran always comes out the other side. She's even become a 'sexy Robin Hood' by raising over £100,000 for children focused charities and inventing the ACElok dressing, which is now used by the NHS for stoma and some cancer patients.

    So, thanks to her determined characteristic, Fran does not let the nasty comments from men online get to her. She revealed: "One man said to me, and he’s been following me for about seven years, 'well you wouldn’t get someone your own age because you’re thick so only teens would go out with you'.

    "So I said 'what do you actually do for a living then because I retired at 29', so tell me about you?' I was really going for it.

    "And I thought to myself, no one likes a confident older woman that’s 55. I find that this is when you should be celebrating women as they’ve got more time as their kids are in their 20s, so you’ve got more time. It’s not being selfish, it’s self-care isn’t it?"

    Fran has struggled to find her match, which she puts down to not fitting in a 'box' and the twisted expectations some men have for relationships that they've established from social media.

    She feels as if women of her generation haven't got it easy in regards to dating, despite thinking that this is the prime time to be celebrated.

    The mum is continuing to maintain her seven year celibacy until she finds someone who respects her and gives her the 'true' love she wishes for. But, it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon with the bout of misogynistic comments hurled her way.

    Fran is remaining hopeful, though. "I can’t understand why older women are not celebrated because they’ve got so much knowledge to pass on," she said.

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    "I was so shocked, and didn’t get one woman hating on me at all, it was all men in their 30s, it was vile. Death threats and nasty comments, I had a sore finger as I had to keep blocking everybody.

    "Women are challenging men now as they’ve got their s*** together, they’re really independent. I’ve had a lot of men saying to me 'well you should be tied to the kitchen sink’ and you should know your place'.

    "But what have they got to bring to the table?"

    You can find Fran on Instagram, here.

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