Kroy Biermann Claims Kim Zolciak Will File For Bankruptcy To Force Them To Stay Together

Kroy Biermann is continuing to struggle to take control of his family’s finances amid his divorce from Kim Zolciak, even though the estranged couple are facing over $1 million in debt. However, Kroy is apparently confident that Kim has a plan to get out of the situation – bankruptcy.

“My guess is that Kim’s grand plan is to file for bankruptcy,” Kroy’s attorney, Marlys A. Bergstrom, told Us Weekly.

The lawyer suggested that it may be part of Kim’s overall plan to stall their divorce as well as prevent the foreclosure of their Georgia mansion, which Kroy has been vocal about wanting to sell in the midst of their financial woes.

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“A stay would be put on the foreclosure [of Kim and Kroy’s shared home in Alpharetta, Georgia] and again, the parties would be forced to live together, enveloped by all that toxicity for God knows how long,” the attorney continued.

Bergstrom noted that Kroy plans to “file an objection” should Kim take such a course of action, as the lawyer claims “it is very likely that Kroy and Kim will come out with almost nothing” should the house be foreclosed upon.

Kroy submitted a formal request to the court at the end of last month, seeking an order to facilitate the sale of the residence jointly owned with his estranged wife. According to the documents, plans had originally been made to auction the property in March, following foreclosure proceedings initiated the prior month.

However, they managed to successfully prevent foreclosure and subsequently called off the auction. They achieved this by reaching an agreement with the financial institution Truist.

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Under the terms of this agreement, as long as the couple consistently made their monthly mortgage payments for three consecutive months, any remaining outstanding balances would be deferred to the end of the loan term, thereby effectively averting any foreclosure proceedings.

This decision came amid reports that Kroy and Kim owed the IRS more than $1 million in back due taxes.

While Kroy and Kim appear to still not have agreed on what to do with their Atlanta property moving forward, Kim responded to his August filing by telling TMZ that the decision to sell the home was “mutual” and that she had given him clear instructions on what to do.

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Kroy has not directly commented on those claims, though his lawyers comments seems to suggest Kim is not agreeing to sell the home.

The couple initially commenced divorce proceedings in May, marking the end of their 12-year marriage, though they reconciled a few weeks later. In Kroy’s initial filing, he attributed the breakdown of their marriage primarily to Kim’s alleged gambling issues. He refiled for divorce a second time last moth.

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