Shoppers slam new Lucozade packaging which 'stripped' the bottle

New Lucozade bottle is compared to Winnie the Pooh because it ‘has no trousers’ after redesign – but new flavour is a hit

  • TikToker @kimi19888 shared a video of the bottles in a shop in the UK
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Shoppers have humorously compared Lucozade’s new bottles to Winnie the Pooh because they ‘look like they aren’t wearing trousers’.

The new look, unveiled by the drinks brand earlier this year, features sizably less of the label on the bottom half, and has been designed to ‘reveal more of the liquid to shoppers’.

Taking to TikTok in September, user @kimi19888 shared a video of the popular sports beverage in a UK Tesco with a viral audio asking ‘where your clothes at?’.

The clip has since racked up more than 790,400 views as commenters expressed their surprise at the new look.

Many appeared baffled by the naked feel of the packaging. 

Shoppers have compared Lucozade bottles to Winnie the Pooh as they slammed the new packaging for ‘stripping’ the bottle ‘of its pants’

Winnie the Pooh (pictured) was famous for not wearing trousers

‘I knew I wasn’t the only one thinking it,’ one penned.

‘Yeah I saw this and I was like what did they do,’ a second added.

A third simply remarked: ‘What have they done?’

A few even remarked that they ‘swear it tastes different’ – and they would be correct. 

An announcement from Suntory – a consumer company which looks after the Lucozade brand in Europe – in August promised shoppers a new look and flavour.

The ‘enhanced’ Original and Orange flavours – which now have a ‘more zingy taste’ and ‘bolder’ flavours, also came with a ‘a fresh pack design’.

A press statement on the company’s website says: ‘The changes are subtle but further elevate the drinks’ flavours, giving Lucozade Energy drinkers more of the unique notes they associate with the brand.

‘The changes are effective across all Lucozade Energy Orange and Lucozade Energy Original 380ml, 500ml and 900ml bottles for individual sale and inclusion in multipacks.

Since when? #lucozade #whereyourclothesat #tesco #mealdeal

The new look, unveiled by the UK brand earlier this year, features sizably less of the label than it used to at the bottom half, and was designed to ‘reveal more of the liquid to shoppers’

‘The packaging changes will roll out across bottles for the remaining Lucozade Energy flavours in the coming months.’

A Lucozade spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Following 18 months of extensive research and development, in August Lucozade Energy enhanced its Original and Orange flavours and introduced a brand new pack design. 

‘The new recipes were tested by over 6,500 consumers and deliver a more “zingy” taste, with a bolder taste for the unique Original flavour and more citrusy, orange note for Orange, giving consumers more of what they love.’

The old bottle featured wrapping which went all around the top and bottom – whereas as the new one cuts off at the top

A few people in the comments even remarked that they ‘swear it tastes different’ – and they would be correct

It comes as earlier this year MailOnline revealed that Britain’s schoolchildren may be consuming potentially dangerous levels of caffeine on a daily basis if they are regularly drinking popular energy drinks.

Energy drinks including Rockstar, PRIME and Monster all possess between 160-200mg of caffeine per 500ml – double the amounts found in an average cup of coffee, at around 80mg. 

The drinks also contain over four times the amount of caffeine as your average 330ml can of coke – a drink which itself is famously best enjoyed in moderation. 

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