Makeup artist reveals three tips that make EVERYONE look attractive

I’m a makeup artist – here are three easy beauty tricks that will make anyone look significantly more ATTRACTIVE

  • Jennifer Belle, based in New York and New Jersey, shared the tricks on TikTok
  • Belle said these easy hacks could help anyone look ‘significantly’ more attractive
  • The beauty pro revealed how to properly get the look, going step-by-step 

A professional makeup artist has revealed three easy tricks that will make everybody look ‘significantly’ more attractive. 

Dubbing her trio of makeup tips the ‘hotness trifecta,’ she explained exactly how to perfectly apply them to your face in a recent clip.

‘Even if this is not your own personal style, give these tips a try when you need to just look hot,’ Belle explained in the beginning of the video.

Professional makeup artist Jennifer Belle, who is based in NYC and NJ, has taken to TikTok to share three tricks that will make everyone look attractive 

Belle is the owner of her own makeup line, Jennifer Belle Makeup. She shares her expertise on the video-sharing platform

Can you master the ‘hotness trifecta’? Three makeup tips to make anyone look more attractive 

  • The rock star effect: Smudged black eyeliner and bronzer on the waterline 
  • The crescent moon effect: Apply bronzer in a crescent moon shape from your temple to your cheek then highlight the center
  • The heart effect: Use lipliner to draw the shape of a heart at the center of your top lip

Belle began with a trick she called the ‘rock star effect.’ 

‘Take an inky, black eyeliner and line your bottom waterline from corner to corner,’ she instructed, as she demonstrated on her own eyes. 

She used the Sephora Collection Eye Crayon in black for this step.   

‘Now, just take you bronzer and smudge it out all the way underneath your lashes,’ Belle said, using a bronzer from her own collection, Jennifer Belle Makeup, to complete it. 

The professional explained that even if you had smaller eyes, this trick would still work wonders for you, giving you a ‘sultry’ look.

Next, she moved on to what she called the ‘crescent moon effect.’

‘You’re going to take your bronzer, and shade in the shape of a crescent moon around your face, from your temple to your cheek,’ Belle explained, as she moved her brush in that same motion.

‘Now, take a highlighter and highlight the center of the crescent moon from your temple to your cheekbone.’

Her ‘crescent moon effect’ not only gave her skin a gorgeous-looking sheen, but also a sculpted look. 

She achieved this by using the Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight in the shade Enlighten, along with a bronzer from her line in the shade Latte. 

The first trick that Belle offered was called the ‘rock star effect,’ which required applying eyeliner to the bottom lid and topping it off with some bronzer

She topped off the eyeliner by patting on some bronzer on the lower lash line with a brush

Next was what she called the ‘crescent moon’ effect, where you bronze your face in the shape of the shape and apply highlighter on top

Last but not least, the makeup artist named the ‘heart effect’ as the final step in making yourself look more attractive. 

‘You’re just going to take your lip liner and draw the shape of a heart in the center of your lips,’ she instructed. 

‘If you press your lips together, you can see exactly where that heart should be.’

She then took a lip gloss from Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Beauty brand and swiped it over that heart shape made by the lip liner.

‘This creates a really pretty shape to your lips,’ she explained.

‘And that’s it, try these tips when you need to be extra,’ Belle concluded.

As a bonus tip, Belle told that she also loved to pull the lashes ‘outward’ with mascara instead of going ‘straight up.’

Belle explained that she created the video in order to get some people out of their comfort zone.

Last but not least was what Belle called the ‘heart effect,’ where she applied lip liner to her lips in the shape of a heart, and topped it off with some shiny lip gloss

After applying these three makeup tricks, Belle’s final look was glowing and super sultry looking

In the comments section, many were impressed by these seemingly simple tips 

Belle of the ball! Get the look with these products used in the makeup pro’s tutorial 

  • Eyeliner crayon in color Black by Sephora collection
  • Bronzer in the shade Latte by Jennifer Belle Makeup
  • Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight in the shade Enlighten by Rare Beauty
  • Lip liner in the shade Holy Grail by Jennifer Belle Makeup
  • Peptide lip tint in shade Jellybean by Rhode Beauty



‘I made the tutorial hoping to inspire people to try things that may be outside of their comfort zone,’ she told 

‘In particular, the “rockstar effect,” so many of my clients are afraid to put anything on their bottom lid because they think it will close their eyes and make them look small.’

She said that the technique can give the eyes a ‘very sultry’ look without going overboard.

‘I got so many sweet comments and DMs from women who were afraid to try it, saying how much they loved how they looked when they did it,’ she told

In the comments section, many people seemed to be absolutely mesmerized by the look of these seemingly simple tricks, as the makeup artist had mentioned. 

‘When I tell you I’ve tried everything to elevate my eye makeup and the “rockstar” look just did it!!!’ one person wrote. 

‘After years, this is it! Crying happy tears.’

Another agreed: ‘So stunning! Love these tricks!’

‘WOW, got big eyes but gonna do one of these on a first date, thanks girl,’ someone else typed.

One TikTok user commented, ‘The eyeliner look looks so class/seductive. Have to try it.’

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