Read Princess Mary's cryptic Christmas message about loneliness

Read Princess Mary’s cryptic Christmas message about loneliness a month after Prince Frederik’s ‘affair’ scandal rocked the royal house: ‘We need each other’

  •  Princess Mary’s Christmas message focuses on a need for human connection
  • Fans claim the message is a cryptic response to affair rumours 
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Princess Mary has shared a cryptic post about loneliness and the need for positive human connection ahead of Christmas.

The post comes days after the 51-year-old Tasmanian born princess reconnected with her husband Crown Prince Frederik, 55, and three of their children in New Zealand.

It’s been a month since the Danish Royal Family was rocked by rumours of an alleged affair between the future King and Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova but he and Mary have adopted a ‘business as normal’ attitude heading into the festive season.

In the letter which was posted on the Mary Foundation website the future queen reflects on the past year – and says she felt it was shorter than previous years.

‘And at the same time, so much has happened that it is impossible to put it all into words,’ she continued.

Princess Mary has shared a cryptic post about loneliness and the need for positive human connection ahead of Christmas

An excerpt posted on the official Instagram of the Danish Royal House had some speculating the princess was using her foundation to hint at the rumours which rocked her family.

‘We need each other if we are to succeed.’ And that’s not only true in the working world and for those of us who are working to combat social isolation,’ it read.

‘This is true for all of us. Humans need humans.’

The post and powerful words were pictured alongside a gorgeous picture of the royal in the snow.

She wore a purple jacket beneath a warm woolen wrap and gave a soft smile toward the camera.

Princess Mary and her twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent looked happy at the top of the bridge

‘The Danish royal family are lucky to have you. I hope your husband realises he has embarrassed you and his children immeasurably. You will make a fine queen,’ one fan commented.

Another wrote: ‘I think this is a sad year for Mary, her husband’s (alleged) betrayal and it’s public. What a brave woman, she can handle anything. I just adore her.’ 

Some came to the defence of the royals calling for people to stop talking about the alleged affair.

But these people were often slammed by others. 

‘Have you seen the movie from that morning, where he walks around the city with his suitcase and no PET – standing at a public bus shed waiting to be picked up. He has made himself, Mary and many others a laughing stock! It is naïve to remain believing he is completely innocent,’ one woman wrote.

She said it doesn’t matter if there was an affair – the fact he was in Spain with another woman was enough.

Others simply thanked her for her seasonal greeting.

Her trip came after rumours of the prince having an affair with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova rocked the Danish Royal Household 

‘You are so wonderful, our beautiful Crown Princess,’ one fan wrote – echoing the sentiment of dozens of others.

Princess Mary touched down in New Zealand on December 18 – where she was met by Prince Frederik and their eldest daughter Isabella.

The Crown Princess had been staying in Australia since December 6 – connecting with family – alongside her twince Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

The party of three were pictured atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge – but the photograph which is taken of every climber – was quickly removed from the tour company’s Instagram account..

The Princess’ visit to Australia marks her most low-key return home ever – with many speculating the recent spotlight on her marriage is to blame. 

A royal reunion: Prince Frederik flies into New Zealand on a separate plane to meet Princess Mary and the twins – a month after ‘affair’ scandal

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