These are the six hair colour trends you’re going to see on celebrities in 2024

We’ve seen quite a range of hair colours go viral in 2023. We started the year out strong with cowboy copper tones and now we’re concluding it with espresso brunettes and caramel balayages. So, what’s in store for 2024, you wonder?

We caught up with Georgina Hamilton-Hopkins, Hadley Yates Hair’s colour director – who works on the likes of Millie Court, Carol Vordemon, Claire Sweeney and Vogue Williams – to find out what the new year will bring us in the way of hair colours.

So, from ‘bropper’ – the low-commitment little sister to cowboy copper – to arctic blonde and 90s-era highlights, there are the colour trends celebrities will be forefronting from January onwards…

Arctic blonde

“Blonde isn’t going anywhere in 2024, but the tone is changing slightly from the dark ‘mushroom-like’ hue we’ve seen a lot of this year,” she explains. “We’re going to see a lot of mid-blondes going brighter, more like a 90s Pam blonde; not quite gold but also not quite ashy. Think super bright with a clean, arctic feel.”


“Brown copper, or ‘bropper’, is going to be the perfect shade for you if you want to do something different with your hair that edges towards a copper, but also doesn’t come with the maintenance of a full red shade,” Georgina says. “If you’re a natural mid-toned brunette wanting to avoid bleach, this will also be for you because we can achieve the shade with a permanent colour lift.”


“I know punchy red tones are going to be in, but I’d like to think we’ll see fewer pillar box reds – like the shade Megan Fox is currently wearing – and more mahogany tones. This type of berry has a purple undertone to it, but it keeps plenty of depth from your base shade. If you want a toned-down bright, this might be for you,” says Georgina.

High shine

‘Hair will be all about looking as healthy and shiny as possible. We love a gloss in the salon; it brings out the shine on all hair colours,” notes Georgina. “Though a gloss would still be classed as a colour treatment, you don’t have to have coloured hair to have one. We can use a clear gloss to enhance your existing hue, or we can use a gloss with a slight tint to give you a bit of tone. We’re firmly entering the healthy hair era in 2024.”

90s highlights

“Though it pains me slightly to say it, we’re going to be welcoming back chunky highlights,” Georgina says. “It’s a punchy look that’s evolved from the money-piece highlights trend. You need a brunette base or chunky brunette put next to blonde – ribbons of colour, essentially. There has to be enough contrast between the dark and the light to get those ‘chunky’ and defined sections.”

Power pieces

“Another great trend just kicking off that will suit someone who wants more of a low-maintenance colour is a lightened power piece section around the front of the hair. It’s a bit like a money-piece accent, but it isn’t as chunky. It can work on all hair colours, we simply use a slightly lighter shade on the front section of the hair with 3-4 foils. It’s a great way to brighten a grown-out balayage, as well,” she explains.

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