Antique Roadshow expert takes swipe at ‘junk’ bottle after disappointing value

Antiques Roadshow: Guest will ‘service’ his clock after valuation

In the latest instalment of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, viewers were taken to Ebrington Square in Londonderry.

As items were brought in to get valued by the show’s experts, one mother and daughter duo took their glass perfume bottle to see how much it could fetch if it were put up for auction.

Speaking to expert Andy McConnell, he highlighted how feminine the object was as he questioned how it came into their possession.

The mother replied: “Well, my mum gave it to me, she got it from a friend who is very elderly.

“Then she gave it to me, I didn’t appreciate it half enough.”

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Commenting on the antique, the daughter told Andy that growing up, she’d always admired it and wanted to have it passed down to her one day.

Inspecting the glass perfume bottle closely, viewers were told more about the two makers who had created it.

Andy said: “There’s the silver maker and the glassmaker and they were entirely different.”

The expert shared that the glass would have been made first before being shipped to the silver maker, who would have made the top.

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Revealing that it was a scent bottle, the guest’s daughter shared that her grandmother used it for perfume as it still smells of her scent when you open it.

Andy added: “It’s very easy to date because there’s a hallmark and that tells us that it was made by Mappin and Co in 1898.

“The colour, bizarrely, is based on uranium oxide, a tiny bit of that in there to give you that colour.”

Holding the bottle up, viewers were able to see the gradual change from it being colourless at the bottom, to a darker more prominent green towards the top.

Addressing the daughter, the expert added: “So you’re keen on it? Mum doesn’t give a hoot.”

However, when it came to the valuation, the expensive-looking scent bottle wasn’t worth as much as it appeared.

Taking a cheeky swipe at the glass bottle, Andy added: “So, the best thing is that you go home with it and save mum from having to handle this junk that’s worth, I don’t know, £100- £150,” Andy went on.

Replying, the daughter said: “Ah, that’s lovely.”

The mother added: “I’m beginning to appreciate it better!”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC

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