Coronation Street fans think they’ve worked out Courtney’s true motive with Aadi in twist

Coronation Street fans have been playing detective about Courtney Vance's true motive in starting an affair with Aadi Alahan – and are convinced they've uncovered something that could have a huge impact on Dev.

Viewers of the ITV soap have been growing suspicious about newcomer Courtney, played by Stephanie Davis, who caused chaos on the cobbles by starting an affair with Aadi (Adam Hussain) not long after she arrived.

Courtney moved to Weatherfield with husband Darren (Ryan Early) who was going into business with Aadi's dad Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) but started a steamy affair with impressionable Aadi soon after meeting him.

Things moved quickly even for soapland, as Dev and Darren both discovered the affair, Courtney moved in with the Alahans, and Darren served his wife divorce papers.

But now, Corrie fans are starting to feel something doesn't quite add up about their romance – especially given Darren's business interests with Dev – and think they have rumbled what Courtney is really up to.

One fan posted on Reddit: "There’s something very odd about the Aadi and Courtney storyline. One of the main things that stands out to me is that I can’t recall Courtney and Darren sharing one solitary scene together without someone else being present. Every time they have a confrontation it always seems a little staged. As though it’s put on for other peoples benefit.

"I don’t get how, but I wonder if the whole thing is some kind of elaborate long con, and Darren and Courtney were never romantically involved at all. Could be brother and sister or something. Just something feels off about the storyline."

Another fan replied: "I never even thought of this but I actually think you might be onto something here looking at it now it makes sense since it came out about the affair Darren hasn’t really seemed particularly angry I mean he has at points but like only a little bit really and only like tonight’s episode for example when they just happen to be in the same room apart from that he’s just kind of left them too it which is odd you would think he would try and get some kind of revenge on Aadi or something but no nothing it’s very weird to me."

One viewer tweeted: "It's clearly a scam – Courtney is being really fake with Aadi. He's been brain washed by her."

A Corrie fan posted on Facebook: "I don't like Courtney or Darren. There's something off with both of them. She's got a masters but doesn't work and acts like a teenager is her dream man?! Yeah ok not!"

Someone else predicted: "It's a set up so the investor takes all money and bankrupts Dev, because they are broke themselves, and Dev has a complete meltdown."

Another viewer added: "Both con artists I think. They want to get their hands on Dev's shops."

Suspicions about the Vances mounted as another Reddit user posted: "I think it’s a con. It’s funny how Darren and Courtney have never had one scene alone together, and every time they clash it’s in public and seems to be put on like a show.

"I don’t know how it will make sense story wise, but I think it’s a scam to get all Dev’s money. Darren and Courtney were probably never even romantically involved."

However, one fan tweeted that they were loving the storyline no matter what Courtney's motives were: "I know she’s gonna chew him up and spit him out but love Aadi and Courtney together."

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