Emmerdale fans convinced evil Craig has sneaky plan for Samson in latest Lydia rape twist

Emmerdale viewers were left convinced that evil Craig Reed (played by Ben Addis) has a plan for Samson Dingle (Sam Hall), as the businessman seemed determined to get the youngster on side now that he's doing work experience for him.

While Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) continues to live with the torment and horror of her abuse at the hands of Craig, who was her former lover and friend but could be headed for a dramatic downfall, Samson only grows closer to him.

In tonight's episode of the ITV soap, Tuesday 19 September, Craig even took Samson to learn some tech skills at the Woolpack pub.

As the pair chatted and developed a stronger bond, Craig seemed to be sowing the seeds of doubt in Samson's mind.

At one stage, he even seemed to suggest that it would be Lydia's fault if she and Samson's dad Sam Dingle are having problems, and the youngster looked troubled at the prospect of them splitting up.

Could even Craig be plotting to get Samson on his side in a twisted bid to turn him against Lydia and alienate the struggling character from all her loved ones in the villa one by one.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their theories for what's to come.

One person wrote: "Samson doing my head in about Craig !! But Craig is using him to get near lydia #Emmerdale."

Another fan tweeted: "In real life why would Craig want to hangout with Samson. Wouldn’t anyone think that the boss of the company hanging round with a work experience lad is a bit strange #Emmerdale"

A third viewer guessed: "That's right, win Samson over Craig. Adopt him as the Son you never had. #emmerdale

While a fourth posted: "Lydia needs some help, she can’t carry on like this #Emmerdale"

The problems continued, as when Craig got wind that Lydia was waiting for Samson for lunch at home, he sneakily convinced his work experience student have food in the pub with him instead. He then praised Samson's skills and assured him he'll have "a long and prosperous career with your talent".

"You'll be nipping at my heels in a minute, I'm going to have to watch out," the clever character continued.

Upset that Samson didn't come back in time, Lydia stormed over to the pub to haul him back home, but it didn't work, and Samson was already starting to be on Craig's side.

Blowing up at her on the street, Samson yelled: "Why do you hate him so much? You split up with him like a million years ago, you should be over it by now. Or have you still got something for him?"

"Get in the car and stop talking rubbish," Lydia ordered, but Samson was defiant.

"I'm not getting in your car and I'm not following your orders," he said firmly. "I'm sick of your moods! Look there is no talking to you I've had enough.

"She's off her head," the youngster shouted over to Craig, leaving Lydia sobbing alone in her car.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV

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