Kris Jenner fans concerned after her left eye looks 'broken' in new video at home as they ask 'how can she even see?' | The Sun

KRIS Jenner has shared a new video on social media that has fans wondering about the health of her eyes.

The 68-year-old shared the video on her Instagram Stories Wednesday afternoon.

Kris was promoting the most recent launch of her daughter Kylie Jenner's fashion brand Khy.

She seemed thrilled to talk about her youngest daughter's new puffer jackets as they hung behind her.

In the video, she was wearing a black sweater and a pair of large thick black glasses.

The Kardashian momager's face was covered in makeup and glam, which was no surprise, but there was something off with her eyes.

Her left eye seemed to be swollen or squinting more than usual, and it was extremely noticeable due to the angle of the camera.


When the clip made its way over to Reddit, fans of The Kardashians began to worry about Kris.

One said: "First Kim with the wonky eye now Kris? Is there pink eye going around in the family or something? How can she see?"

Another said: "Looks like the eye is dysfunctional, like Kims, maybe they're having a family-wide infection of pink eye lmfao."

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A third said: "Kris used to have that wonky left eye for a good long while, but then it started looking better.

"All the facial plastic surgery probably helped it become less noticeable. It looks like it's back."

Other fans mentioned that her lips and nose appeared to be filtered or fake.


Kris' changing nose has been revealed after fans noticed her "deflated nostril" after a plastic surgery makeover.

Fans have witnessed the Hulu star's face undergo cosmetic changes since early on in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Critics have expressed their shock over her supposedly deflated nostril after the reality star was seen attending Victoria Beckham's fashion show.

Close-up photos of Kris from the event were posted on Reddit, where fans shared their alarm at her apparent "collapsed" nostril.

One person said: "Wait. Wtf is up with that nostril?! I'd rather just have a big nose and look old than that. Horrifying."

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Another said: "All the money in the world couldn’t help that deflated nostril."

A third commenter said: "It's totally collapsed."

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