ITV I’m A Celeb’s Josie Gibson snubs Big Brother ex John James as she heads into jungle

Josie Gibson has opened up about her past relationship with Big Brother housemate John James.

The 38 year old This Morning presenter admitted that she has no plans to reconnect with him while in Australia, where she's set to star in I'm A Celebrity… starting this Sunday, 19 November, simply stating: "They're your ex for a reason."

Despite winning Big Brother and trying to make their relationship work, John returned to Australia and they haven't spoken since.

Speaking to OK!, when asked about the possibility of hooking up with John James, Josie said: "Oh yeah – I'd forgotten about that. I think I'll give that one a miss. No we've not spoken for years.They're your ex for a reason aren't they eh?"

Sadly, Josie hasn't had much luck in love. In 2018, her relationship with Terry ended just four months after the birth of their son, Reggie.

The star was asked to leave her home after a heated argument about his OCD struggle, which happened on New Year's Eve five years ago. 

She told OK!: "He's got OCD and just after Christmas, he went mad about too many of my shoes being in the hallway. So I kicked off and said, 'Well, we'll go them!' And he went, 'Alright', and bagged up our stuff. So Reggie and me headed to a hotel."

She continued: "(It was) Two days before New Year's Eve. Me and Reggie stayed in a hotel for two nights before going to my house. We watched the fireworks out of the window while we unpacked. It was the worst New Year's Eve ever." Since that time, Josie has devoted all her energy to raising her lovely son and thanks him for increasing her confidence.

In her conversation with us, she added: "I did not come into myself until I had Reg, I found my confidence when I had Reg. And I had a lot more respect for myself after I had Reg and I really found myself as a woman when I had Reg. I really came into my own. 

"He really gave me the confidence that I always wanted. A lot of people think when you have a baby, life is sort of over for you whereas mine just really began again. It was when my career kicked off, when Reg was a baby. My confidence was definitely made better by motherhood yeah."

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