Neighbours’ Eden hunk looks worlds away from soap character in snaps from off-screen life

Costa D'Angelo, the hunky new Neighbours star, is turning heads with his dashing social media snaps.

The actor, who plays bad boy Eden Shaw on the Amazon Freevee soap, looks completely different off-screen.

In recent episodes, Costa's character Eden arrived in Erinsborough and immediately caught the eye of Mackenzie Hargreaves (played by Georgie Stone). After being stood up on a date, Mackenzie was watched from afar by Eden, who introduced himself as "Ed" and tried to help her home when she tripped over while drunk.

Eden told Mackenzie he was new in town and looking for work, leading her to get him a job at Leo's vineyard. However, things took a twist when Mackenzie arranged to meet her mystery man with friends, only for Holly Hoyland (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall), Eden's ex-girlfriend, to spot him at a wine tasting event and run after him.

She came back to the event and showed Mackenzie a photo of her sneaky ex Eden, asking if he's the "Ed" she's been seeing. After they split up to find him, they discovered he'd nicked their wallets and Mackenzie's handbag, which had her wedding ring from Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) inside.

Away from Neighbours, actor Costa is known for his roles in Wog Boys Forever and Crazy Fun Park. He often shares pics on his Instagram page, which has over 5,000 followers. In one pic, he can be seen flexing his muscles in a black vest at McDonald's, and another shows him looking smart in a suit.

Fans will see more of Costa as Eden becomes a key part of the upcoming special flashforward week of episodes. The show's bosses will reveal what happened during its two-year time jump, which has confused viewers. They've promised to solve the new season's biggest mysteries including why Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) left.

When Neighbours started its new season last month, it was revealed that Melanie had left Ramsay Street a year earlier. She left a note for Toadie (Ryan Moloney), saying she wasn't cut out to be a step-mum to his two young kids Nell and Hugo. But fans think there might be another reason for Melanie's exit, as this excuse seemed unlike her.

Neighbours' boss Jason Herbison spilled the beans to Digital Spy, saying: "It will all lead to a big event, that we will then unpack in greater detail. That will ultimately answer the mystery of: 'What became of Melanie, why did she leave? Why have a few other people left town?' All will be revealed a few weeks into the show."

He added: "All roads lead to this flashback week, where we do find out. We go back in time and we discover some things that were going on during the finale that you all saw, that we didn't really see at the time. All of these things, it turns out, have a really big bearing on what's happened to the show today. Why people are there? Why people are not there? Who was with whom? How does it all happen?"

You can catch new episodes of Neighbours from Monday to Thursday for free on Amazon Freevee from 7am

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