Married At First Sight’s Laura slams co-star for ‘attacking her’ in explosive post

Married At First Sight UK star Laura Vaughan has hit back at her fellow grooms in a fiery post after they criticised her treatment of her on-screen husband, Arthur Poremba.

The pair, who were matched by the show's dating experts, had a rocky start but things seemed to be looking up after a successful honeymoon.

However, Wednesday night's episode saw their relationship take a hit when Laura was accused of undermining Arthur, 35.

Georges Berthonneau and Luke Worley, two other grooms on the show, confronted him about the power dynamics in his marriage, suggesting that Laura treats him like a "child or her pet" rather than an equal partner.

Arthur had previously expressed concerns about their conversations to a friend, admitting that he sometimes doesn't understand what Laura is talking about. "It makes me think, hmm, am I the right person for her?" he confessed.

Laura has now addressed the criticism of her treatment of Arthur, taking to Instagram to call out the grooms for their suggestions that she talked down to him.

"The guys who went in on a girl's character when she wasn't there to defend herself could probably have spent more time focusing on their own marriages," the 34-year-old wrote in a lengthy and emotional post.

"Or better yet, actually taking the time to get to know their friend's wife before going on the attack."

Laura went on to clarify that she never thought she was better than Arthur, before adding that the "number of guys going for one woman is uncomfortable."

The star also said she believes a healthy relationship is about bringing "the best" out of each other, which she previously mentioned in her wedding vows.

In a later post to her Instagram Story, Laura said that she would not be "outing" any of the people who criticised her on the episode and that she remains on "great terms" with two of the grooms who were involved in the conversation.

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