Michael Blackson Signs Deal with Celebrity Boxing, Calls Out Kevin Hart

Michael Blackson can’t wait to get into the ring after inking a deal with Celebrity Boxing … and, naturally, he’s got his eyes on a bout with fellow comedian Kevin Hart.

The actor and comedian just signed his contract with CB founder Damon Feldman, and they’re both pumped, and Michael’s trash talking is already on point … as he’s calling out other celebs.

Clearly, he wants a piece of Kevin, first and foremost — they’ve had beef in the past, which they ultimately squashed a couple years ago, but it sounds like MB may be reversing course.

Other celebs on Michael’s radar include DC Young Fly, DeRay Davis and Katt Williams … and he’s got some choice words for all three.

You know Michael’s going to promote the hell out of his eventual fight … and he’s already getting his Don King on.

It will be interesting to see who answers the call to step in the ring when the dust settles.

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