Strictly snubbed by huge comedian as he fears wife’s reaction to show curse

Russell Kane revealed why he turned down ever going on Strictly Come Dancing.

The professional funnyman, 48, spoke exclusively to the Daily Star at the Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance premiere.

When asked if he would ever be up for joining the BBC lineup, Russell exclusively said: "No, I wouldn't do it, I do not want to do it. I refused the initial meeting.

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"I wouldn't do the show, I like improvising and testing myself, and the idea of learning all that I find boring."

He continued: "Also, I don't want to be grinding on some bird who is not my missus for 12 weeks, I actually don't want to do that. And I know they will put me with some fit brunette to see that happens.

"And in the interviews, they're all licking each other's faces, and why after the dance do they slobber all over each other?

"My missus would just break their forearm, you wouldn't even find my body, you would just find a bloody dance shoe.

"They asked me for an initial meeting and I didn't even go, that's how strongly I don't want to do it, it's weird because I like dancing but I prefer comedy."

Russell is married to makeup artist Lindsey Cole, 36.

The TV personality also joked about a rather painful injury he sustained while starring on Celebrity Save Our Sperm.

During the show, Russell, Ollie Locke, and Melvin Odoomm all took a deep dive into male fertility and were asked to test their own swimmers.

Russel joked: "It was a learning curve and I got to do my favourite hobby which is masturbating.

"I actually fractured a forearm muscle – it's only just recovered.

"I never thought I'd end up on telly as a w***er which is ironic as a lot of people shout that at me in the street when I go by," Russell quipped.

Chatting further about the programme, he continued: "The truth is my family is complete, I don't want any more children. I'm not bothered whether my sperm count is infinity or zero. But what was surprising to me is I still had an emotional reaction to it.

"What that's telling me is men are f***ed up, why should a man care if his sperm count is not high, when he doesn't want any more children? So, that means it's all tied up in masculinity."

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