Wheel Of Time crewmembers tease as exciting season two finale

The Wheel of Time season 2 official trailer

The Wheel of Time fans are in the midst of the highly anticipated season two – and it looks like they have something very exciting to look forward to in the next episode.

By now loyal fans of the hit Amazon Prime series would have realised most of the characters rock some pretty extravagant hairstyles — as is to be expected in a world known for its diversity of peoples, races, cultures, and biomes.

These incredible hairstyles are only possible thanks to the show’s creative team – with hair and makeup artist Davina Lamont in particular, who creates and fits hundreds of wigs ahead of filming for the season.

Speaking to Looper, Davina told the outlet just some of the details that go into creating so many headpieces for a single show.

For season two alone, she had created “around 560 fittings and had over 400 wigs ready to go at a moment’s notice”.

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When asked if there was a particular episode in the new season that she was excited for fans to see, as far as hair is concerned, she teased: “Yes — going forward, these are huge. I am really happy or proud of Egwene in episode five, so I can’t wait for the fans to see this scene.”

Further explaining why she is so excited about the upcoming episode, Davida added: “It is dramatic, and it blows my mind the effect of what she has achieved in the scene.

“Once the fans all see this, they’ll understand why I like it so much.”

With episode five looming in the near distance, it seems fans will be treated to a hairy surprise that she and Madeleine Madden (who plays Egwene) have accomplished together.

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The hair and makeup department aren’t the only ones excited for the final episodes of the season.

The show’s stunt coordinator, Jan Petrina, also says there are some exciting stunts included in the remainder of the show’s second run.

When the outlet asked what his favourite stunt for the season was, he revealed “the finale” has a lot in store for eager fans.

Jan explained: “It’s great because there is all of them at once. That was challenging.”

It looks as though fans are headed for an action-packed final episode.

Wheel of Time season two continues on Fridays on Amazon Prime.

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