Brexit from the Immigration Lawyer’s point of view

Immigration Lawyer

Brexit is the word that has been on the front of everyone’s mind as of late and it is not surprising at all, considering the potential implications of the various possible outcomes of this process for almost everyone living in the UK. This is a short guide by our immigration lawyers briefly describing the main possible outcomes.

1. The Brexit Deal proposed by the government

The deal which was outlined in the draft of the Withdrawal Agreement has been rejected by the Parliamentary vote on 15 January 2019. In accordance with this proposal, after 29 March 2019, UK was to enter the so-called Transitional Period, which would run until 31 December 2020 and was meant to soften the UK’s exit from the EU and to allow to finalise the new permanent arrangement. Following the rejection, a number of alternative options are currently being considered, among them a “No Deal”, an extension or completion revocation of the Article 50 notice period to allow for further negotiations, a second referendum or a complete cancelation of the Brexit process. Everyone is currently waiting to see how things will develop.

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ILR is an important step towards integrating into British society and enjoying the rights and privileges that come with permanent residency. It offers individuals the freedom to live, work, and study in the UK without any time limitations. However, it’s essential to maintain the ILR status by ensuring compliance with the immigration rules, as any prolonged absence from the UK or engagement in criminal activities can jeopardize the ILR status.

2. “No Deal” Brexit

In the unlikely event of a “No Deal”, there will be no agreement with the EU on the way forward and, although it is almost impossible to predict how things will develop in this case, immigration controls on the EU migrants are likely to be brought in much sooner.

It is however unlikely that immigration controls similar to those applied to the non-EEA nationals would be introduced immediately. As the UK will not be able to implement them in such a short period of time and any such measures are likely to be met with a reciprocal arrangement from the EU for British nationals.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), also referred to as settlement or permanent residency, is an immigration status in the UK that offers individuals the privilege of residing and working in the country without any limitations on their duration of stay. ILR bestows various advantages upon individuals, including access to public funds, healthcare services, and educational opportunities. With ILR, individuals can establish their long-term presence in the UK, enjoying the freedom to live and work indefinitely.