Emmerdale fans baffled after spotting funeral blunder as Charles turns violent

Emmerdale fans were baffled after picking up on a funeral blunder during the latest instalment of the ITV soap.

At the end of August, Charles' (Kevin Mathurin) father Victor (Eddie Osei) died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, just hours after he was accused of stealing a necklace from Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker). It was later revealed that Charles had stolen the necklace and planted it on his father in a bid to get him out of the village and out of their lives.

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Struggling to cope with his guilt, the vicar fled the village and left his mum, Claudette (Flo Wilson), to arrange the funeral. As more talk arose about Victor's funeral, confused fans headed to social media to question why it was taking so long to plan the ceremony.

Sharing their thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person penned: "I SWEAR Vic's funeral plans have lasted LONGER than he was IN this show – FFFFFFSSSSSSSSS #Emmerdale." A second agreed: "I just googled it & it looks like victor died 28/29 August, so it's been a month & they're still planning the funeral!! Wtf? #Emmerdale".

Another chipped in: "Not even the funeral adverts on ITV3 last as long as the lead up to Victor's funeral has. #Emmerdale." While a third quipped: "OMFG I'll have my funeral before Victor's at this rate haha #emmerdale."

During Thursday's (September 28) episode, Charles finally returned to the village after receiving a distressing call from Manpreet about Claudette, who continues to struggle with the loss of her husband. With Claudette still unaware that Charles stole the necklace, the vicar headed to The Woolpack to drown his sorrows.

Charles was approached by Tom King (James Chase), who shared his condolences before comparing his own conflicting feelings about late father Carl King (Tom Lister) to Charles's situation with Victor. As Tom continued unloading unwanted advice, Jai (Chris Bisson) stepped in and suggested Charles should head home.

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Charles then lashed out and both Jai and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), saying he is nothing like Jai's "alcoholic wife". When Tom insisted that Charles apologise, the vicar's violent side was unleashed as pinned Tom's head to the bar.

Manpreet, Ethan (Emile John) and Claudette arrived in the pub as Charles was gripping Tom, with Claudette demanding to know what has caused her son to act out. After Charles fled, Manpreet caught up with him and begged her partner to tell his mother the truth, but Charles walked away, claiming that's something he can't do.

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