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IT'S one thing to fall in love and another to admit that you are completely head over heels for this person.

Love is risky because it’s not always mutual and it often requires a level of vulnerability which can feel impossible for some, and yet come naturally to others. 

Many people decide to keep their walls up, whilst others seem to possess the courageous ability to drop their guard, no matter how many times they’ve been hurt. 

To some being true to themselves and taking risks in love come more naturally than it does for others and much of the time it's the zodiacs at play.

Those belonging to these star signs fall hard and fast.

Here's why these zodiacs are more likely than any other zodiac to wear their hearts on their sleeve and end up suffering heartbreak.

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When it comes to love, Leo’s have plenty to roar about. 

The lions love to be the centre of attention and naturally lead on various matters, including making it known that you are the object of their affection. 

If a Leo loves you there will be no room for doubt because the Leo won’t be able to resist the urge to spoil their suitor with lavish gifts and quality time. 

Pride is important to Leo and when a Leo falls for you, they take pride in letting you know how they feel without fear of rejection.

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However, this firm confidence can sometimes backfire because Leo's overzealous nature can intensify their pursuit prematurely, which without contemplation of the other person's feelings, could lead the potential suitor to be scared off. 

Love requires risk and Leo’s well of courage make them the perfect zodiac for betting on love. 

Leo will give away their heart at the drop of a hat and even if it doesn’t always pay off, Leo’s are the kings and queens of romance because when they’re in love, there’s nothing they won’t do for you. 

Famous Leo’s who haven’t been afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve are, Daniel Radcliffe and Whitney Houston.


Libra’s are in love with love and everything about it. 

They long to balance their scales with a partner who can complete them with a wholesome relationship. 

A Libra’s persistent quest for balance makes them fall in love very easily without thinking things through. 

Their soft, teddy bear nature mean that Libra feel everything on a deep level – so much so that they often mistake feelings of lust for love and take it all to heart when disappointment lands at their feet. 

But this doesn’t stop Leo from dusting themselves off and putting their heart on the line again. Anything not to be alone as Libra's don’t do very well in their own company as they are natural team players and thrive in healthy groups and partnerships. 

Libra would prefer to have tried than never to have tried at all when it comes to love.

They have no trouble wearing their heart on their sleeve, no matter how many times they’re burned, their belief in true love and companionship is solid. 

Famous Libra who wear their heart on their sleeve are Will Smith and Kim Kardashian.


Noone loves harder than this water sign. 

It can be hard to win the heart of a Scorpio but once someone does, this zodiac plays for keeps. 

Surface level relationships are not for them as they’re all about forming deep and meaningful connections. But if that connection is compromised or effort is not matched, things can turn nasty.

Scorpios are known to possess a powerful and intense emotional energy which can be good to bring about a transformative relationship. 

However, this intensity can be too much for some. Fear of losing their partner often overcomes them to the point they inadvertently push potential suitors away. 

Scorpio’s are often misunderstood for having the proverbial sting in their tail, but this is not because they have a tendency to be spiteful, but instead a tendency to rather hurt themselves – making them more likely to take a breakup quite badly. 

Famous Scorpios include Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry.


Pisces are the dreamy romantics. 

They are all hearts and flowers and there’s no limit to what they will do when they love someone.

This zodiac have an abundant innate ability to be affectionate and kind, even in the early stages of getting to know someone, which often leaves them open to be taken advantage of. 

The Fishes are sensitive to rejection, after all they put so much into making it work that they are often left wondering what went wrong. 

Piscereans need to learn to be less impulsive when it comes to love because jumping into relationships too fast can blow the fuse on a new connection by coming on too strong. 

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Famous people of the Pisces sign are Rhianna and Justin Bieber.

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