I never clean my Air fryer and it’s all thanks to a 99p buy that lets me be the laziest cook ever | The Sun

WITH the long nights drawing in, many of us will be using the air fryer to make a quick meal as soon as we get in the door.

Though cleaning can often take longer than cooking, there is a way to keep the kitchen gadget cleaner for longer – and it costs pennies.

It seems Tiktok is obsessed with air fryers at the moment, with a quick search showing recipes from virtually every cuisine under the sun.

Though we might be eager to try these delicious dishes, most of us avoid experimenting because of how tricky it can be to clean the tray.

If you want to avoid hours of scrubbing and soaking though, there is a simple tool you in your air fryer: a silicone liner.

Unlike baking paper, these reusable trays provide a barrier between your food and the air fryer – which can dramatically reduce the amount of grease that builds up.

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Fitness influencer and foodie Hope Zuckerbrow revealed how she’d stumbled across the timesaving trays when scrolling online.

“Why have I been cleaning my air fryer over, and over, and over again, and nobody told me that on Amazon, you can just get a silicone airfyer liner and you would never have to clean it again?” she complained.

Showing her recent purchase to her 970,000 followers, the content creator demonstrated how neatly the rubber tray fitted into her air fryer.

After preparing her snack, Hope then revealed how clean the kitchen device was afterwards and even showed the tray off in the short clip.

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For those who weren’t already sold, most silicone liners are dishwasher safe and heat proof meaning clean is a lot easier.

With proper care, these nifty trays should last years as they are also from durable food safe materials – which will reduce the cost per use.

Depending on the size of your air fryer, you can find liners from as little as 99p on Amazon and they often come in packs of two.

You can also find liners with built in oil filters, so you can get the same level of crispiness.  

However, we do recommend that you follow Hope’s advice and invest in a tray with handles so it is easier to serve your food.

In the comments, she gushed about the product writing: “Just made those pizza rolls for the first time with it and they came out perfectly.”

Others seemed impressed with the Amazon tool, with another adding: “I love these things!! Sometimes for a piece of toast I’ll have to flip it over but things cook through great. SO worth not having to clean!!”

However, a third user suggested that you could also use another household staple as a liner too.

They said: “Aluminum foil works too but I’m getting a liner soon!”

With the cold weather here to stay though, we reckon liners are the perfect tool to save time in the kitchen over Christmas.

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