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A YOUNG mum-of-three has revealed her controversial parenting techniques leaving other mum's flustered.

Lottie Weaver claims to let her kids drink as much caffeine as they want dividing parents on social media.

The mum listed some of the controversial parenting methods she and her husband use in their household.

Starting off, she said the biggest one is letting her young children have caffeine.

"We let our kids drink soda," she stated.

"We don't monitor it, they have caffeine.



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"I swear my kids have been drinking caffeine since they were like 9 months old."

While some parents set strict limits on caffeine for their kids – offering them decaf options instead, Lottie wasn't fussed.

Another controversial take the mum had was not sticking to film guidelines.

"We don't really monitor movies by like, the ratings.

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"So we're not like an only G or PG type of family.

"They'll watch PG 13, um, as long as it's like, somewhat appropriate," she explained.

Lottie also admitted to spoiling her kids and saw no issue with it.

The mum added: "We're under the thoughts of like, if we have the means, we are gonna do it.

"So they're super spoiled little ding dongs."

Lottie added that her three daughters were usually well behaved so didn't see the issue with spoiling them throughout the year and at Christmas.

While Lottie did say her kids are normally in school – she revealed that once in a while she will give them the day off.

"They're only a kid once. It's good to have a break," she explained.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @lottie..weaver has since gone viral with over 500k views and over 70k likes.

People were quick tot share their thoughts in the comments section.

One person wrote: "They’re allowed to drink caffeine until they get a heart attack huh? Goes faster as you think."

Another commented: "You can spoil your kids without turning them into brats and i can definitely tell you spoil them but they aren’t brats."

"Why caffeine? It literally can give you heart palpitations that’s like an energy drink for a toddler lol," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "This!!!! I am the same way. They’re kids, let them enjoy it."

"The honesty is refreshing, there’s sooo much pressure to be absolutely perfect. I’m just trying to survive and make my daughter happy,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "My kids have been drinking soda and caffeine forever lol they’re fine."

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