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WITH only six sleeps to go until Christmas we're hanging up our stockings ready for Santa and there's the usual buzz of excitement around the big day.

But some famous faces are adding a different meaning entirely to this festive tradition – they're wearing their stockings, and the sexier they are the better…

Gorgeous celebrities, from Kylie Jenner, to Abbey Clancy and Helen Flanagan, are getting on board with this year's Christmas stocking trend and whether it’s at home or at a bash, they're well and truly into the festive spirit with the help of some hosiery. 

And body language expert Judi James says there's more to their flashy leg wear than meets the eye.

She says: "Celebrities are making use of the traditional stocking-based theme to promote their own sexual appeal in a cute, flirty nod to the fans.

“Stockings suggest retro, vintage glamour that is sensual in a way that woolly socks and tights can never be. 



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“It’s not just the way they define the shape of the leg and draw the eye to the crotch and the bare flesh at the top of the thigh, it’s also the effect that wearing them has on posing and movement. 

“They’re the perfect excuse for a celeb wanting to be unashamedly seductive in their photos and selfies.

"Plus there’s the suggestion of burlesque-style body language in the bedroom when the stockings finally come off, especially when there are suspenders involved.” 


Towie star Amber Turner, 30, posted a picture of her wearing her “favourite” lingerie on her social media.

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The blonde beauty stunned as she wore a black lace underwear set from Nikki Intimates, alongside a pair of black stockings. 

Judi says: “Amber’s black, lace-topped, suspender-held stockings and her confident, almost challenging leg splay as she wears them suggests both demanding and playful sexuality.

“She’s even employed another Xmas symbol of the holly berry but held like a switch near her crotch. 

“As Springsteen sang in Santa Claus is Coming to Town: ‘You’d better be good for goodness’s sake’ because Amber looks like she’ll take no prisoners!”


Like 32 per cent of Brits who like to start getting into the Christmas spirit well ahead of the big day, Helen, 33, got into the festive spirit when she took to Instagram to share a picture of herself donning black and red stockings alongside a matching underwear set – and her fans lapped it up – 22,000 of them.  

Judi says: “Helen’s opted for some red embroidery-topped hold ups for her pose, drawing the eye up to her matching briefs. 

“Her pose looks telling though: hold-ups have a habit of falling down at the worst moments and the way Helen has her legs clamped together there suggests she’s aware of the way that they don’t always defy gravity.

“Her pose makes her look a little accident-prone, giving the stockings the added appeal of risk and naughtiness.”


Abbey Clancy revealed she once picked her footballer husband Peter Crouch up from training wearing nothing but a Burberry jacket and there's no denying that she still got lashings of sex appeal. 

Taking to Instagram, the 37 year old shared a saucy picture wearing a lace outfit and stockings. 

Judi says: “Abbey’s black lace stockings end just above the knee, giving them a romantic, historic appeal. 

“Her long thighs are featured here but there’s a suggestion of Bridgerton-style abandonment in those short stockings that would once have been worn with garters. 

“This is a collusive pose, almost inviting the man to get down on his knees and rip the stocking off with his teeth. 

“Abbey’s look is purely for the bedroom. Two paces down the road and those stocking would be round her ankles like pop-sox.”


As always Kylie Jenner knows exactly what to do when it comes to Keeping Up with them.

In true festive spirit, Kylie, 26, shared a picture of her standing outside and wearing bright red stockings.

Judi says: "These hot red stockings are a little bit niche, especially teamed with whatever is hanging out of her mouth.

"They make her legs look hot but not just in a sexual way, the sizzle factor works on both levels suggesting she sat too close to the fire on Xmas day. 

"It’s a strong statement that she’s teamed with some strong body language. 

"She looks like she might break into a flamenco at any minute, which most of us are also prone to do after a couple of Bailey’s on Xmas afternoon."


Former Love Islander Georgia Steel set pulses racing as she attended the Beauty Awards red carpet at Honourable Artillery Club. 

Georgia, 25, was in all black with stockings and a mini dress. 

Judi says: “Like Abbey Clancey's red carpet pose, Georgia has stuck her leg out of the split in her dress on the red carpet.

"But unlike Abbey, it's all about showing off the stocking top. 

“It’s a contrived pose that she must have been working up in front of the mirror at home but the effect is peek-a-boo sexual, suggesting some teasing and cajoling might be in order.

“There’s nothing flirty coming from the rest of her pose here, suggesting she’s left all the grafting to the stocking in terms of attracting attention and setting pulses racing.” 


American TV personality and actress La La Anthony also wore a similar outfit whilst she was out partying with her best friend Kim Kardashian. 

Judi says: “La La’s gone for the old-school ‘Carry On’ movies stocking-style here: no-frills black with plain suspenders and a matching corset, in what looks like a flirty nod to her new, growing army of fans in the UK.

“This is the Rubick’s cube of underwear for most guys, who would have no idea exactly how to take them all off during a hot seduction. 

“Her body language and blank stare looks equally enigmatic. 

“Years ago, these foundation garments were a form of birth control as guys were turned on by the sight of them but too exhausted to perform after struggling to remove them. 

“Remote and possibly smart sexuality then, rather than the real thing.”


Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei dresses in all black whilst out partying with pals.

Judi says: “Sophie’s teamed her black stockings with a black latex mini-dress here, relegating the stockings to more of an upstaged, supporting-actor role as all they do is lead the focus onto the raunchy mini-dress. 

“It’s overkill dressing in terms of sexual signals and she’s placed her two hands around the gap between the two garments to make a third feature of her bare flesh, too. 

“The pout and the cleavage also merit a mention. It’s a busy look rather than an Xmassy one.”

Perhaps it's time for us mere mortals to swap those 70 deniers for some serious sexiness this Christmas?

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