‘I shoot saucy content with my best mate – cheeky fans adore our thick legs’

Two friends spilled the beans on their racy venture where they shoot saucy content together.

Victoria Mattos and Gracie Bon know exactly what their cheeky subscribers really want from their posts.

The Brazilian bombshells recently met up in Rio de Janeiro to film footage of their sexy curves.

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Both beauties haven't had it simple growing up with Grace suffering obesity for many years as she once weighed 21st.

At the age of 21, she made the decision to change her body and today uses her curves to her advantage.

Meanwhile Victoria also faced a lot of trolls when she was growing up.

She said: "Like Gracie, I suffered a lot of bullying when I was younger.

"You didn't see girls with my measurements and I became the centre of attention even if I didn't want to."

Unlike her pal, Victoria has lipedema, a condition where there's an abnormal build up of fat cells in the legs and bums.

She added: "My legs have always been very thick, my hips are super wide and my waist is thin.

"I've been called names and I've been teased a lot, now that's exactly what makes me stand out."

Now as a 26-year-old, Victoria is proud of her hips which measure 126cm and waist that is around 70cm.

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"For a long time it was torture to have this body because they made me dislike it," she admitted.

"Now I have the greatest pride and I fulfil myself in the work I do."

The two decided to meet up to record content and photograph together.

It is believed their intentions were to show the public the diversity of bodies which exist.

The models concluded: "We are beautiful as we are and it took a while for us to see that, but today there's no doubts.

"Our subscribers love our thick legs."

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