‘Powerful’ and ‘natural’ solution ‘combats hair loss’, according to an expert

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Plant-based oils have become known for their hair care benefits including hair loss prevention, promoting hair growth and banishing dryness.

From coconut oil to rosemary oil, there are a plethora of oils that can be used on your hair to improve its health.

One natural method that has been hailed as a solution for hair loss prevention is pumpkin seed oil.

The oil, which is extracted from the seeds of pumpkins, can be directly applied to the scalp or ingested as a capsule to improve hair health.

The reason pumpkin seed oil is so beneficial for hair is it’s packed with nutrients including essential fatty acids.

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Sofia Baig, a trichologist and hair loss specialist at Monpure, told Elle that some of the essential fatty acids in pumpkin seed oil include omega-3 and omega-6 which are “crucial for maintaining a healthy scalp and promoting hair growth”.

She also said it contains other nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to our hair including vitamins A, E, and K, as well as zinc and magnesium.

It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help with dandruff and scalp psoriasis.

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Another reason pumpkin seed oil is beneficial for hair loss is it blocks DHT, also known as dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for male pattern baldness.

By blocking DHT, pumpkin seed oil helps stop hair follicles from minimising, reducing hair loss.

Sofia explained pumpkin seed oil also minimises excess shedding and boosts the growth of follicles.

She added: “It’s an incredible natural solution against hormonal hair loss, such as thinning during menopause and after women give birth.

“It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that decreases oxidation, which also combats hair loss.”

Pumpkin seed oil can either be ingested in capsules, used as an oil or incorporated into hair products.

Biona Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil is available from Ocado for £7.80 and pumpkin seed oil capsules cost £16.99 from Holland & Barrett.

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