E4 MAFS’ Luke booted off show after ’embarrassing’ and ‘unacceptable’ fight

Married At First Sight UK stars Luke and Jay have been booted off the show after Luke instigated an "unacceptable" altercation with co-star Jordan.

Viewers were left fuming after an "embarrassing" fight broke out between Luke and Jordan on the popular E4 show.

On Monday night, fans took to social media, calling for the pair to be removed from the show after their aggressive altercation.

Later in the episode, Luke admitted that he took "full responsibility" for what happened, and apologised for his actions.

However, relationship expert Paul Carrick Brunsen informed him that his actions were "unacceptable," before asking him to leave the experiment.

"Unfortunately, Jay, this means we'll be saying bye to you as well," he added.

"We love you all," Jay told her cast mates, before the couple exited the show.

Ahead of their shock exit, many viewers took to X, previously known as Twitter, to urge Channel 4 bosses to "kick them out" following the incident, criticising the two for their behaviour.

One viewer exclaimed: "Wait Luke just tried to fight Jordan?!! I'm not being funny Luke you said what you said and everyone heard u say it don't try and blame Jordan for repeating it cos everybody was looking at you sideways."

Another viewer responded: "I'd be embarrassed to be involved in a fight like that. My gran punched better. Kick them both out."

A third chimed in: "I don't know what fight was funnier – Tyson Fury or Luke and Jordan's."

One more added: "Worst fight I've ever seen. Can't believe people even leaked it as a fight."

Another viewer commented: "Luke must be pretty embarrassed about that *ahem* 'fight'. The only way he could make things more embarrassing is if he were to post whiny, squealing videos on Instagram. *cough cough*."

Last week, Luke, a 30 year old sales executive, posted a now-deleted message on social media saying 'Chat s**t get banged', despite being warned by Channel 4 bosses about his behaviour.

He was paired with Jay Howard, a 31 year old sales team leader, on the E4 reality show.

Meanwhile, Jordan, a 26 year old personal trainer, was matched with Erica Roberts, a 25 year old dance teacher.

However, the show, which is supposed to be about love and commitment, has turned into a display of hate and potential violence after Luke and Jordan's fight.

Luke hinted on social media that Jordan had upset him by making rude comments about Jay.

In a deleted comment, Luke wrote: "If you upset my wife you will know about it." He also said: "Tune in on Monday night to see me slap Jordan the p***y." He used a hashtag saying: "chat s**t get banged".

Channel 4 responded to Luke's comments by issuing a statement to the Mirror: "The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond."

"We have a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and we take any behaviour of this nature very seriously. We took prompt action as soon as this incident occurred, and Luke was subsequently removed from the experiment. This will all be addressed in Monday's episode."

Channel 4 stated: "We do not condone any form of violence, or aggressive language, and have raised the matter with the cast member concerned." This comes after it was reported that Luke was taken off the show before filming ended.

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