Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ sick Craig Reed’s evil plan towards Lydia Dingle

Emmerdale: Lydia Dingle speaks to Kim about Craig

Emmerdale fans have “worked out” Craig Reed’s (played by Ben Addis) evil plan.

Monday’s instalment of the ITV soap saw Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) avoiding work after being raped by Craig, only for him to appear in her home.

He made out the two had cheated on her husband Sam Dingle (James Hooton) and urged her to keep quiet about it and get back to work soon.

As Craig made his way into Lydia’s home again, he cosied up to Sam, who invited him to stay for dinner.

Fans became concerned that Lydia’s silence and promise to go back to work could mean Craig is plotting another attack.

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One fan wrote: “He’s going to hurt her again if she goes back to work, poor Lydia #Emmerdale.”

Twitter user @unsworth1live penned: “#Emmerdale Craig’s keeping a strong grip on Lydia. Only escape is telling Sam what happened but she’s in no hurry to say anything.”

“That Craig has got his feet well under the carpet. Poor Lydia. #Emmerdale,” @Jamal06122771 shared.

@mikepriestley13 added: “By the time Lydia tells someone about Craig raping her there will be no evidence to her words. Clothes have been burnt, there will be no DNA on her of him because she’s showered. Doubt be CCTV in the office or he wouldn’t have done it. Maybe his past catches him up #Emmerdale.”

@MattZeeMiller posted: “Like a horror film …here comes creepy rapist Craig again like a rotten smell just won’t go away #Emmerdale.”

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@moamerica commented: “@emmerdale OMG Lydia please speak up and Craig gives me the creeps.”

In a horrible twist, Craig made out Lydia had consented to what happened and ordered her to come back to work.

“How can I?” she asked, to which he replied: “Just walk through the door, it’s easy. It can go back to how it was – we’re friends, no more mishaps.”

He continued: “If you don’t come back to the office, Sam and Samson (Sam Hall) will wonder why. Samson will worry about his position, this work experience could really make the difference for him – set him apart from the pack if he gets into uni.

“Sam will want answers – from you and me. I really like the guy.

“I don’t want to tell him that I made a fool of him. Sam is a good man, he can’t forgive this.

“If he learns that we betrayed him… I’d hate for this to be the end of your marriage.”

Lydia begged him to leave but Sam soon arrived and she was forced to have tea with her rapist.

Will Lydia find the courage to report Craig? Or will he manipulate her into going back to work?

Emmerdale continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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